Kare küünlaalus Montley 46


Decorative accessories always tell a story: the chicken family is a reminder of your most recent holiday in the countryside – or simply of your sense of humour and creativity.

  • Who’s that cackling over there? A large decorative object in the colour gold featuring an egg, a chick, a hen and a cockerel
  • A decorative highlight among the herbs on the windowsill in the kitchen
  • A handmade gem on the dining table at dinner and on the sideboard in the dining room
  • If you don’t have room in the garden for your own chickens, simply bring the poultry into the house
  • A profound gift idea for all those who like to philosophise about the question of which came first: the chicken or the egg?

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Materjal: polüresiin

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Kare küünlaalus Montley, mõõtudega: 46 x 10 x 10 centimeters (H/W/D)

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55x44x30 cm (H/W/D)

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Kare küünlaalus Montley 46