Kare Deco Figurine Parrot Gold. Kaup kohe kätte

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  • Never flies away: a large, exotic decorative figure with a realistic representation of a parrot
  • Stylish as in a tropical villa: a perch with a playful rosette base for the golden parrot
  • A decorative article for the entrance: it greets guests in a friendly manner
  • Its favourite place: surrounded by tropical houseplants and palm trees, in the conservatory or in front of jungle wallpaper
  • A decorative idea for unused corners next to sideboards and cupboards

Materjal: polüresiin

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Kare kuju Parrot Gold, mõõtudega: 116 x 23 x 25 centimeters (H/W/D)

Rohkem tooteid Kare kodulehelt: https://www.kare-design.com//

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55x44x30 cm (H/W/D)

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Kare Deco Figurine Parrot Gold. Kaup kohe kätte