Kare Deco Figurine Circus Monkey. Kaup kohe kätte

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  • Animal figures as a decoration are mega trendy – like this golden monkey on its elegant steel base.
  • A handmade decorative object as a unique eye-catcher, which also enjoys being useful, for example by holding your keys for you.
  • Revitalises the hallway or the living room with vintage charm, but is also happy to make a glamorous appearance in the bathroom.
  • Skilfully peps up corners in the room or charmingly presents your favourite necklaces in the bedroom.
  • The monkey feels particularly at home in front of wallpapers with flower and leaf prints – perfect for the urban jungle and modern nature look.

Materjal: Alus lakitud metall, kuju polüresiin

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Kare kuju Circus Monkey, mõõtudega: 109 x 32 x 21 centimeters (H/W/D)

Rohkem tooteid Kare kodulehelt: https://www.kare-design.com//

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55x44x30 cm (H/W/D)

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9.5 kg


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Kare Deco Figurine Circus Monkey. Kaup kohe kätte