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Dimensions: 86 x 82 x 82 centimeters (H/W/D) metal chrome-plated, acrylic, glass, 14xE14, max. 40W, 230V, 50Hz (excl.) cable: 140cm Pendant lamp Gioiello Kristall Black in baroque style with elaborately ground glass pendants and arms made of acrylic, designed for max. 14 x 40 W. energy class: A-E  

Dimensions: 76 x 73 x 73 centimeters (H/W/D) metal chrome-plated, acrylic, glass, 9xE14, max. 40W (excl.) cable: 140cm Lighting for punks – A chandelier in the punk style. Count Dracula would have been impressed by this shiny black object. The glittering black crystal pendants play with the white light to create sparkling effects. A baroque chandelier

Dimensions: 84 x 82 x 82 centimeters (H/W/D) body: steel chromed, arms: acrylic, candles, pearls, diamonds: polystyrene, 14x E14, max. 40W, 230V, 50Hz (excluded), delivery: knocked down transparent wire: 130cm, steel chain: 120cm, adjustable Lighting magic with crystal pendants – A pendant lamp in the ornamental chandelier style which would be at home in a

Dimensions: 160x160x160h metal chrome-plated, arms acrylic, glass, 30xE14, max. 40W, 230V, 50Hz (excl.) Baroque in deep black – This spectacular chandelier in the most intense black will add a touch of mystery to the home. Punk baroque spreads a suggestion of that vampire feeling through the living room. Not everyone will want to suspend the

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